GO Friends Streaming Network want to promote our “Let’s Be Friends” fundraising campaign for under-served children in the world. Our primary goal is to utilize the advantages we control to contact people by utilizing our streaming network, internet radio station, social media specialists, and our own network of individuals and corporations. By concentrating on our “Let’s Be Friends” program and highlighting an article of clothing, unique long-lasting shoes that is a must for every child to have. Some of the children in need of shoes live near garbage dumps. They scavenge for food and items to sell. They walk over trash and broken glass, risking cuts, infection, disease and, in rare cases, complications that lead to death.

Other shoeless children in need are forced to navigate treacherous terrain in search of water sources or cross hot, burning sands in desert regions – all without the protection of shoes. The shoes will be made of durable all-terrain material that can last for years Designed to be adjustable and capable of expanding several sizes as children’s feet from the ages of 5 to 10 will get larger

Our Goals

In order to accomplish our goal we would like to film the following