Past Events

Harmony Celebration among Global Citizens for Peace, Social Welfare and Human Rights Monica Willard, URI; Sharon Hamilton-Getz, IISD, WHCF, Audrey Kitagawa, URI, Muhammad-Ijaz Noori, PCSWHR, Shivani Laura St. George

Program organized and co-sponsored by IISD, NY IISD representative attended Conference in Chennai with Sri Ramanuja Mission on the “Vital Role of NGOS for Social Transformation” and UN Peace Celebrations with Robert Kesten-PDHRE; Kiran Bali-URI; Sharon Hamilton-Getz-IISD, Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Ambassador India, Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia; Lisinka Ulatowska-Commons Cluster.

Program organized and co-sponsored by IISD, NY IISD co-sponsored the World Peace Festival – by World Yoga Community, 4 West 43rd Street, Ballroom, NYC.

Program organized and co-sponsored by IISD, NY *SUKHI New York* Council member Daniel Dromm; Institute of International Social Development (IISD) Sharon Hamilton-Getz, Chairperson: Interfaith Ambassadors Congregation 2015 for 3rd International Rehmatul lil Almeen “Peace and Blessing for All” Day being held at Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights, NYC.

New York UN Representative Participation High-level meeting of the General Assembly on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (20 November 2014). Participated as an observer.

Program organized and co-sponsored by IISD, NY Brasilia- Spirit of Good Will to All Nations Award from the Institute of International Social Development, Community of Spirituality Kolkata, New York the United Nations – the World. 25th Anniversary of the Temple of Good Will. Award was presented to Mr. Jose de Paiva Netto, President Legion of […]